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" Morir no es nada, morir es vivir, morir es sembrar." José Martí.


Dear Friends:

With the end of another year, and the festivities and symbolism that these dates signify for each one of you - in your space of our diversity - the family spirit is renewed and our best wishes are conveyed for the near future; a reflection of our aspirations, dreams, realities and devotion.

For the five of us who have been separated from our families and our people for more than 13 years, the recurrent wish that this injustice finally be rectified, is once again our main hope. All of you, our constant companions throughout this arduous struggle for something as simple as seeing the law applied, have demonstrated the sensitivity that allows you to feel personally the wounds caused by the denial of that most basic dream of ours and our loved ones. You have made a place in your hearts for this prolonged battle that would have caused many to give up. For that perseverance we thank you and we reiterate to you the certainty of our eternal gratitude.

We await an important year, possibly a decisive one, in which the results from the last legal skirmish in this long and tortuous process may finally come to light. As the prosecutors themselves have admitted, the impact of solidarity cannot be dismissed. To know that we can continue counting on your efforts sustains and comforts us. We have no doubt that we will continue together in this struggle until victory, and it will be thanks to the actions of people like you that we will finally be reunited with our families.

It is for that mutual connection that your happiness is ours as well, we share in your projects, we enjoy your successes, and together we project the optimism and perseverance that makes us one. With that spirit of fraternity and shared feelings, we wish you the best possible New Year’s celebration. May you have success in all your endeavors, which are ours as well.

A happy and prosperous 2012.


René González Sehwerert

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