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" Morir no es nada, morir es vivir, morir es sembrar." José Martí.


Dear friends,

René is free, but it is a freedom with many conditions, it is a freedom where he is in constant physical danger, it is a freedom without being able to have Olguita and his daughters next to him, it is a freedom without freedom.

Gerardo continues under the terrible conditions of a penitentiary, something I know very well. His strength remains high against the injustice of the double life sentence and despite not being able to receive visits from Adriana.

Perhaps soon we will hear about the Habeas Corpus this December. I am wondering what Judge Lenard’s response will be? It gave great strength to us to hear about the participation of friends from all over the world who attended the VII Colloquium for our freedom in Holguin. Once again the success of this yearly event shows that the struggle for our cause is growing.

These are some of the things that 2011 ends with, in the middle of a world that cannot take it anymore and is dying of pain. It is a world that is asking us to run to help it in order to save humanity from so much selfishness, a world that is taking us, as Fidel affirmed, "in a relentless pace, toward a definite and total catastrophe."

For me, the recent visit of my two sons has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in these 13 years of imprisonment.

With great thanks for your support, on behalf of the 5, I wish you a Happy New Year 2012! Peace, health, and happiness. ¡Venceremos! Cinco abrazos.

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez
Dec. 2011

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