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" Morir no es nada, morir es vivir, morir es sembrar." José Martí.




Por: Elízabeth Silva R.

From Marti we learned honor is only possible in the practice of justice.

Justice means ethics, equality, and honesty. It is the constant will  to
give each one what he deserves. It is this feeling of righteousness which
governs behaviour and fully guarantees everyone’s rights.

Many pre-eminent figures have talked about justice, about such an important,
indispensable value in someone’s upbringing.  Albert Einstein said: "Be just
before being generous, be human before being just."

José Martí stated: "In justice there is no room for delay and who prolongs
its doing turns it against himself."

BA Pedro López Paz, History professor who has helped in the education of
several generations of Cubans, tells us his view on justice and how it is
applied to our five brothers imprisoned in the Empire:

Justice is the value a person constantly strives for to serve others
properly, based on his own personal duties.  Aristotle said: "Justice is
moderation, symbolized by the scales, that is, by balance and proportion;
each one to his part, neither much nor less. Is there any moderation in the
process against the Five? Of course, not.  There has been no balance or
moderation in this process, law has been bent by the powerful, the Miami
mob, and those who hate Cuba and have unfairly condemned five innocents,
five great men who work for the preservation of peace and life.

We, Cubans, must feel proud of our values; knowing equality, knowing how to
serve people accordingly; to do justice.

Liset Torres Ramos, from Asalto al Polvorín de Puerto Padre Senior High
School, talks about what justice is for her.

I believe justice to be the top category of culture; justice is often driven
apart from what is just and when is done wrongly it loses its original
conception. The case of our Five kidnapped brothers in U.S. prisons shows
the aforementioned;  this justice is quite distant from ethics and culture.

Primary school student Patricia García says justice is to abide by the law;
the law has to be unbiased in every country, regardless of the system, for
there should be an awareness of right and wrong. Then, why shouldn’t our
Five’s case be considered? There is no justice applied on them; they are
innocent ; however, they are kept in dark cold cells; they can neither see
their children nor their relatives.

It is time for American laws to be felt in this case, for justice to have
her balance and equality back and for René, Gerardo, Ramón, Fernando and
Antonio be finally freed!


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