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" Morir no es nada, morir es vivir, morir es sembrar." José Martí.

Honduras Front Peaceful, Relentless


Tegucigalpa, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) Honduran popular organizations mark Thursday their 12th consecutive day of peaceful resistance to the military coup, with the aim of maintaining their democratic struggles.

 "We are not tired of resisting," writer Dalila Bracamonte said in today’s call at the Loarque Square.

 The National Front against the coup d’Etat ratifies in a brief release it will maintain the popular mobilization until the return of President Manuel Zelaya, overthrown by soldiers on June 28.

 Wednesday’s rallies took place in the capital’s eastern sector and the road joining the city with the nation’s eastern zone, mainly Olancho and Paraiso departments.

 First Lady Xiomara Castro, who attended popular demonstrations two days ago, led the march with trade, rural, students, youth leaders and other sectors of society.

 "We reject legitimization of the de facto authorities. The only acceptable solution is the return of institutional order," stresses the document.


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